A Detailed Overview of Some General and Critical Issues Related to Yahoo

In recent times, Yahoo, the big multinational internet corporation has seen its reputation go down. With accusations of data breaches of millions of users and a sporadic increase in the number of hacking incidents, the users are bound to feel the heat. This also means losing the edge over other email platforms like Gmail, which has seen a tremendous increase in the number of users.
Then, there is also the matter of technical glitches, which to a large extent has a negative impact on the user. Although some of the precautionary measures taken seem satisfactory, Yahoo has not done anything concrete and this clearly shows up. In the end, it is the user, who has to endure a difficult period.
The problems can be broadly categorized as general and critical. When it comes to the general category, the problems are more localized in nature and resolving the same do not really seem to be a problem. As for the critical issues, it requires a great deal of expertise and chances are high of pe…

How to Recover Forgot Facebook Password?

Internet users accessing social networking or social media websites are not that much technically sound to recover or reset Facebook password in quick time. As FB users are not aware of the method to reset forgot Facebook password, it becomes quite difficult for them to access the social networking account to interact with clients, friends and closer ones. Other than this, there are certain other activities such as creating personal or official Facebook page, uploading video or audio files on wall page, updating profile and cover photo, posting on Facebook wall, intermingle with friends and closer ones through Facebook chat application, which can be only be performed once the access to Facebook account is successful. Some of the users are not able to perform Facebook change password, which consist of simple steps and for that they need instant support for Facebook to get these steps implemented within minutes.

Forgetting FB account password is the normal tendency of the users as Face…

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Facebook New Updates 2017 “Explore Feed” You Must Check!

We all know that now day’s Facebook is a big brand, so because of this big brand image Facebook always be in the continuous process to make it even bigger by releasing new features and functions. So this time they introduce a new feature, which is working on the same algorithms on which the news feed feature of facebook works, this new feature is named as “explore feed”.
As the “explore feed” feature you can know more newly engaged features by just going here Facebook customer service
Now I know you will ask that what this new feature does. So in this new feature Facebook will show us the “new, popular and also the interesting stories” which are so popular in the community nearby us over Facebook.
You can see a new icon in your facebook home panel, which looks like something “rocket” icon, so this icon is basically for “explore feed” where we will get all the posts those are related to the friend’s and pages we follow.
In fact this Facebook feature will show us the popular posts those…

Top 3 Hacks To Prevent Your Facebook From The Malicious Effect Of Ransomware


How to Export Yahoo Mail Folder and Create Backup Offline

Yahoo email service serves the needs of billions of users across the globe. It has a number of features that can be used to send and receive emails. It also pays due consideration to its security. The security features are quite well known advanced providing a high-level security to its users. Many new innovative features like 2-step authentication and the Yahoo security key feature enhances the Yahoo mail security a great deal.
But it is necessary to take certain steps at your own end to keep your emails safe and secure. This ensures that the users have their data backed up on their device which can be used whenever they feel the need to do so. It also ensures that the data is available on their device and can be used in case of any mishaps like hacked account or server outages.
Yahoo allows the users with an option where they can save Yahoo emails to the computer. In such a case, the attached files can also be downloaded which can be accessed whenever the need arises. There are two…