Error Facebook Account Temporary Unavailable!! How To Resolve??

Don’t be worried, if you see an error message displaying Account temporarily unavailable. This message appears sometimes when the FB is down from the server or there is an error with your browser. There can be two reasons for this issue, maybe FB is down or due to your browser history. You need to check by asking your friend, if he or she is able to access Facebook, if yes, then there must be an error with your web browser. If he or she is also not able to access Fb then the server of this social networking site is down. You just need to wait for some time, maybe after some time, your issue will be resolved.

Maybe your issue will resolve by deleting your browser cache

The very first thing, you need to try is by deleting your browser cache, history, and cookies. Sometimes the browser which we are using will displays the browser old caches which were already out-of-date and should be refreshed again. You will need to remove these old caches before you can download a new web page from the server. It simply means that Facebook have resolved the issue, but you are still loading the page that was maybe a day ago. To delete your browser cache, you need to follow the following steps carefully to make sure that you are not viewing the old cached page:
For Internet Explorer users:

·         First, you need to go to the Tools option.
·         Then click on the Internet option.
·         You need to select Delete option.
·         Select cookies, history and cache images, files, etc., which you want to delete.
·         Once you’ve selected what to delete, you need to click on the clear browsing option.

For Mozilla Firefox users:

·               First, you need to browse to the Tools option.
·               Select options
·               Click on the Privacy tab.
·               Then press Show cookies.
·               You need to scroll down your cursor and search for cookies folder.
·               And press deletes to delete all the browsing history or cookies.

For Google Chrome users:

·          Press on the customize button.
·          Press more tools
·          Then, you need to go to the clear browsing data option and need to click on it.
·          A dialog box will appear, you can select many options which you want to delete.
·          From there, you can select browsing, download history, cookies or cached files.
·          Then, you need to click on the clear browsing after you have selected all the option which you want to remove.

These are the following above-mentioned steps, which will help you to delete browser history, cookies, and other temporary files. These steps may fix your Facebook Account Unavailability Issue. If you face any issue while executing these steps, then you need to contact FB experts by calling on their autonomous Facebook customer service phone number available on the web.

Toll-free number:
+1-844-773-9313 (USA, CANADA)
+44-800-051-3717 (UK)
+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)


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